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What a chess player should know before playing

The rules of chess you should know

The Indians may be happy to hear that this game was invented in India in the 8th century. Later this game spread in Persia.  It is believed that this game was taken up by the Muslims when the country Arab won over Persia. In Europe, this game emerged in the 15th century in the current pattern.  This game is recognized in several names such as Chaturanga, shatranj, and game of kings. Initially, this game was played by the royal people, for this reason, it is known as the game of kings.  

It is said that this game helps in enhancing the intelligence quotient of the students. William Steinitz, the first world chess champion is known as the father of chess. There is much controversy regarding the birth of chess. Many legends believe that this game was discovered by Vizier Sissa Ben Dahir and he gifted this game to king shirham of India.

rules of chess

What is chess

This entertaining game is played between the two players. This chess game is played on 64 squares and eight-by-eight grid boards. The objective of the player is to try to checkmate the king of the opposite team player. The game ended up in a draw at various times.  This game is the national game of Russia. This game is played in various countries. The two team players have sixteen pieces, two knights, two rooks, two bishops, one queen, and eight pawns.

The terms related to a chess game:

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