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All About Chess: A Game of Sheer Intelligence

The game of chess originated in India and further evolved in Europe during the 15th century to become the well-known board game it is today. Chess is a competitive board game that is typically played between two players in a battle of minds. Each player sits at opposite ends of the board, having two different coloured sets of chess pieces to command in battle. These sides are usually referred to as 'white' and 'black' according to the colour of each player's chess pieces. Though the pieces may not necessarily be white or black, each player has to play as either side with 16 of these pieces. This game is played on a board with eight rows called 'ranks' and eight columns called 'files', making 64 uniform alternatively coloured squares. 

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Chess Betting

Over the centuries, many chess champions have come and gone, each of them exciting us with new, exciting strategies. With countless strategies being developed and improved, the game of chess becomes more and more fun to play and watch. Eventually, like every other great game, it became thrilling to bet on players as well. Today, one can place bets on either player and reap the rewards of their victory. One can make bets on the players in tournaments like chess Olympiad, Grand Tour chess, even The World Championship.

Here's more about these tournaments:

Chess tests the mental strength and strategies of a player, making it a game for those of strong minds and skill. It is sometimes confused by some to be a boring game with a lack of stimulus, but for those who love strategies, it becomes irresistible. This game had become very popular in the 18th century when it was played publicly in parks and cafes. This lead up to the first world chess tournament, famously known as the Immortal Game, being held in London. And the winner of this contest was a German man named Adolf Anderssen. 

Chess: A Game Beneficial For The Brain?

Chess has been found to be a beneficial pastime. Practising chess improves brain functions by stimulating brain cells, effectively exercising and developing the brain. Scientists even claim that chess can make one's mental improve by up to 14 years.

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